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Baby abalone and cornmeal fritters (Today newspaper 18 Dec 2008)
Bellini jelly (Simply Her Sep 2008)
Black sesame paste (Lifestyle magazine Aug 2006)
Blueberry bliss (Today newspaper 12 Feb 2009)
Blueberry-buttermilk pancakes with orange sauce (Health magazine)
Bubur pulot hitam (Lifestyle magazine Aug 2006)
Bubur Terigu (Lifestyle magazine Aug 2006)
Canapes with berry topping with lemon cream (Simply Her Dec 2007)
Canapes with cream of escargot (Simply Her Dec 2007)
Canapes with egg mayonnaise (Simply Her Dec 2007)
Canapes with honey baked ham (Simply Her Dec 2007)
Canapes with smoked salmon (Simply Her Dec 2007)
Cheesy corn cakes (Today newspaper)
Cheesy tortilla wraps with sundried tomatoes and ham (Simply Her May 2008)
Cheng Tng (Lifestyle magazine Aug 2006)
Chilled strawberry cheesecake (Lifestyle magazine Aug 2006)
Chocolate semifreddo (Simply Her Aug 2008)
Corn and prawn fritters (Today newspaper 6 Jul 2006)
Cultured milk with watermelon (Lifestyle magazine)
Curry tuna samosas (Today newspaper 13 Mar 2008)
Easy chocolate profiteroles (Simply Her May 2007
Easy crab cakes (Simply Her Aug 2007)
Easy crepes (Simply Her Jul 2007)
Fried dried anchovies (Lifestyle magazine)
Fruit jelly (Simply Her Dec 2007)
Gingered papaya with ice cream (Lifestyle magazine)
Green gram porridge with durian (Lifestyle magazine Aug 2006)
Iced green tea milk and jelly (Lifestyle magazine)
Kimchi (Lifestyle magazine)
Lebanese milk pudding (Today newspaper 14 Aug 2008)
Lotus seed dessert (Lifestyle magazine Aug 2006)
Mango and strawberry cheesecake (Simply Her Aug 2008)
Mango ice cream cake (Simply Her Mar 2008)
Mango sago dessert (Simply Her Oct 2008)
Nian gao (年糕) (Today newspaper)
Papaya and snow fungus sweet soup (Lifestyle magazine)
Poached pears in red wine (Food & Travel Apr 2010)
Pineapple Porcupine (Today newspaper 12 Mar 2009)
Red bean potong with green tea sauce (Today newspaper 21 Feb 2008)
Salmon mustard pancakes (Simply Her May 2008)
Savoury pancake (Lifestyle magazine)
Seaweed coconut strips with plum sauce (Simply Her Jul 2008)
Shanghainese dumplings (Simply Her Aug 2007)
Shrimp wontons with chilli and dried shrimps dressing (Today newspaper 5 Feb 2009)
Smoked salmon blinis (Simply Her Dec 2008)
Steamed dumplings (Today newspaper 23 Nov 2006)
Sticky rice with mango (Today newspaper)
Strawberry and peach trifle (Today newspaper 15 May 2008)
Strawberry mousse (Simply Her Feb 2008)
Sweet potato dumplings (Lifestyle magazine)
Thai crepe wraps (Simply Her Jan 2008)
Trifle with strawberries and kiwi fruits (Today newspaper)
Vanilla rice pudding (Today newspaper 9 Oct 2008)
Vietnamese rice paper rolls (Simply Her Oct 2008)
Yoghurt popsicles (Simply Her Dec 2007)