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Abalone salad (Simply Her Jan 2009)
Bean and vegetable salad (Women's Weekly magazine)
Beef spinach salad with honey mustard vinaigrette sauce (Simply Her Nov 2007)
Caesar salad with chicken popcorn (Today newspaper 11 Sep 2008)
Chilled silken tofu and roasted tomato salad (Today newspaper 6 Mar 2008)
Fruity yu sheng (鱼生) (Today newspaper)
Ginger fruit salad (Women's Weekly magazine)
Green papaya salad (Simply Her May 2007)
Grilled chicken salad (Simply Her Jan 2008)
Grilled prawn salad with tarragon dressing (Today newspaper 19 Mar 2009)
Mandarin orange and lotus root salad (Today newspaper)
Mandarin orange with crabmeat salad (Today newspaper)
Pineapple and parsley salsa (Simply Her Mar 2007)
Potatoes with tomato basil salad (Today newspaper)
Prawn and pear with mustard-miso dressing (Food and Travel magazine Feb 2007)
Salad Nicoise with home-made vinaigrette (Today newspaper)
Teriyaki chicken salad with avocado tofu dressing (Simply Her Jan 2009)
Thai green papaya salad (Food and Travel magazine Feb 2007)
Thai mango salad (Today newspaper)
Warm artichoke and mixed green salad (Women's Weekly magazine)
Warm caesar salad (Food and Travel magazine Feb 2007)
Yusheng with ginger lime sauce (Simply Her Feb 2008)