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Baked Desserts

54 recipes added

Bars and Brownies
Breakfast oatmeal bars (Simply Her May 2008)
Nutella coffee brownies (Simply Her Sep 2007)

Breads and Buns
Finger buns (Lifestyle magazine)
Hot cross buns (Today newspaper 20 Mar 2008)

Carrot cake (Simply Her Sep 2008)
Cherry crumble cake (Lifestyle magazine Aug 2006)
Coffee and cashew streusel cake (Today newspaper 20 Nov 2008)
Lemon roulade with raspberry sauce (Simply Her Dec 2007)
Molten chocolate cake (Simply Her Jun 2008)
Red wine and plum upside-down cake (Simply Her Dec 2008)

Cake frosting
Spiced cream cheese frosting (Today newspaper)

Marble peach yogurt cheesecake (Simply Her Feb 2008)
Orange chocolate cheesecake (Today newspaper)

Almond crescents (Women's Weekly magazine)
Barbecue biscuits (Women's Weekly magazine)
Chocolate chips and walnut cookies (Lifestyle magazine)
Chocolate-coated ginger cookies (Simply Her Oct 2008)
Chocolate nut biscuits (Women's Weekly magazine)
Christmas snowman cookies (Today newspaper)
Coffee molasses cookies (Today newspaper 5 Mar 2009)
Double cheese twists (Women's Weekly magazine)
Jam cookies (Today newspaper 16 Nov 2006)
Oat and cranberry cookies (Today newspaper)
SCS butter crunchy almond cookies (Simply Her Jan 2009)

Kaya swirl cupcakes (Today newspaper 3 Jul 2008)
Pineapple & almond mini cupcakes (Simply Her Mar 2007)
Spiced pumpkin christmas cupcakes (Today newspaper)

Strawberry muffins (Today newspaper)

Chocolate bread pudding (Today newspaper 29 Jan 2009)
Healthy bread pudding (Today newspaper)
Lasagne crepe stack (Simply Her Apr 2008)
Mexican flan (Today newspaper)
Spinach and egg souffle (Simply Her Nov 2007)
Sticky toffee pudding (Simply Her Nov 2008)

Pies and Tarts
Apple pie (Simply Her Dec 2006)
Bacon and leek pie (Simply Her Jan 2009)
Banana upside-down tart (Simply Her Sep 2007)
Cheesy vegetable pie (Lifestyle magazine)
Chicken pot pie (Simply Her Oct 2008)
Coconut lime pie (Simply Her Jul 2008)
Cottage pie (Today newspaper)
Home-made apple pie (Today newspaper)
Low-fat chicken and mushroom pie (Today newspaper)
Mango lime pie (Simply Her Aug 2007)
Mini egg tarts (Simply Her Apr 2007)
Quiche lorraine (Simply Her Aug 2008)
Salmon tart (Simply Her Jan 2008)
Shepherd's pie (Women's Weekly magazine)
Strawberry lemon sorbet tart (Family magazine Feb 2007)
Strawberry tart (Lifestyle magazine)
Tomato cream tartelettes (Simply Her Dec 2008)

Turkey, rocket and mozzarella pizza (Simply Her Dec 2006)

Puffs and Pastries
Baked curry puffs (Simply Her)
Sardine puffs (Today newspaper 11 Dec 2008)