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Bake/Grill Dishes

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Baked chicken and carrot porridge (Simply Her May 2008)
Barbecued pork fried rice (Today newspaper)
Bell peppers stuffed with rice, raisins and pine nuts (Simply Her Jun 2008)

Angel's schotel (Simply Her Nov 2008)
Chicken penne pasta (Simply Her Nov 2007)
Grilled vegetable lasagne (Simply Her Jan 2008)
Prawn and coriander pesto soba (Simply Her Jun 2008)

All-in-one breakfast (Simply Her May 2008)
Braised beef short ribs in red wine (Simply Her Dec 2008)
Braised lamb shank (Simply Her Apr 2008)
Broccoli and cauliflower gratin (Today newspaper)
Cheese crusted spicy chicken wings (Lifestyle magazine)
Cheesy chicken nuggets (Simply Her May 2008)
Chicken drumsticks with coffee sauce (Simply Her Sep 2007)
Coca-cola ham (Today newspaper 4 Dec 2008)
Corn and sausage tortillas (Simply Her Mar 2009)
Japanese-style stuffed portobello mushrooms (Simply Her Sep 2008)
Kofte kebabs (Simply Her Jul 2008)
Korean beef BBQ (Simply Her May 2007)
Lamb ribs with thai plum sauce and tempura mushrooms (Simply Her Dec 2007)
Low-fat prawn paste chicken (Simply Her May 2007)
Low-fat spring roll (Simply Her Aug 2007)
Malay-style roast chicken (Simply Her Sep 2008)
Mexican chicken enchiladas (Family magazine Feb 2007)
Olive oil and paprika roast chicken (Today newspaper)
Portobello mushroom snack (Simply Her Mar 2009)
Roast chicken with rosemary and lemon (Today newspaper 10 Jul 2008)
Roasted honey baby back ribs with spinach and tomato salad (Simply Her Dec 2007)
Roast pork loin (Simply Her Dec 2008)
Stuffed pork chops (Simply Her Sep 2007)
Stuffed white button mushrooms (Today newspaper)
Turkey meat loaf with winter vegetables (Simply Her Dec 2007)
Viennese red cabbage (Simply Her Dec 2008)

Bagged salmon with capsicums and olives (Family magazine Feb 2007)
Baked cod fish steak (Today newspaper)
Baked espresso teriyaki fish (Simply Her Sep 2007)
Bready bacon salmon (Women's Weekly magazine)
Cold poached salmon with herb mayonnaise (Simply Her Apr 2008)
Crab cakes with caramelised vinaigrette sauce (Simply Her Mar 2008)
Miso grilled pink ling cod (Today newspaper 3 Apr 2008)
Miso salmon with edamame salad (Today newspaper 26 Mar 2009)
Salmon and cream cheese balls (Simply Her Apr 2008)
Salmon patties with celery cream sauce (Simply Her Nov 2007)
Salmon teriyaki skewers (Simply Her Apr 2008)
Seafood casserole (Today newspaper)
Sear-roasted maple salmon (Simply Her Jun 2008)
Stuffed sambal squid (Simply Her Jan 2008)
Stuffed squid with chilli dressing (Simply Her Jan 2009)
Sugarcane prawn kebabs (Simply Her Mar 2007)
Tangy grilled prawns (Simply Her May 2007)