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Basmati rice with minced beef (Simply Her Jan 2008)
Brown rice paradise (Today newspaper)
Butter parsley rice (Family magazine Feb 2007)
Chicken flavoured rice (Today newspaper)
Cheesy rice balls (Simply Her Oct 2007)
Claypot rice with crispy fish (Simply Her Feb 2008)
Crayfish risotto (Simply Her Mar 2008)
Glutinous rice with pork belly dried prawns and mushrooms (Today newspaper 21 Aug 2008)
Japanese garlic fried rice (Simply Her Jan 2009)
Kimchi and clam fried rice (Lifestyle magazine)
Mango risotto (Simply Her Aug 2007)
Organic lotus leaf brown rice (Today newspaper)
Oyako Donburi (chicken & egg over rice) (Lifestyle magazine)
Porridge with refried sichuan pepper turkey (Simply Her Dec 2006)
Prawn pilau (Simply Her Aug 2006)
Prawn porridge (Simply Her)
Rainbow rice (Streats newspaper)
Teriyaki rice burger (Lifestyle magazine)
Tofu and mushroom claypot (Simply Her Jul 2007)
Tom yum fried rice (Simply Her Nov 2008)

Cold soba noodles with ginger chicken (Today newspaper)
Creamy pasta with salmon and mushrooms (Today newspaper)
Instant noodles with beef bulgogi and kim chi (Today newspaper 5 Jun 2008)
Laksa (Women's Weekly magazine)
Mie goreng with stir-fried black pepper beef (Today newspaper)
Mushroom spaghetti (Today newspaper)
Oriental mushroom pasta (Simply Her Sep 2008)
Prawn and seaweed spaghetti (Streats newspaper)
Seafood pasta and carrot noodles (Today newspaper)
Spaghetti vongole (Simply Her Nov 2008)
Spicy anchovy pasta (Simply Her Dec 2008)
Spicy fried bee hoon with ikan bilis (Today newspaper)
Spicy pasta (Lifestyle magazine)
Two mushroom pasta with pine nuts (Streats newspaper)
Vegetarian bee hoon (Today newspaper)

Aloo gobi (spicy potatoes and cauliflower) (Simply Her Mar 2008)
Baby spinach with raisins and pine nuts (Family magazine Feb 2007)
Basil and honey chicken (Streats newspaper)
Beef semur (Simply Her Aug 2008)
Braised chicken in soy and sesame (Food & Travel Apr 2010)
Cauliflower with haloumi cheese (Simply Her Oct 2007)
Chawanmushi (Simply Her Jul 2007)
Chicken ala king (Today newspaper 29 May 2008)
Chicken and pine nuts stir-fry (Simply Her Jun 2008)
Chicken curry (Today newspaper 8 May 2008)
Chicken korma curry (Simply Her Jul 2007)
Chicken meatballs (Simply Her Jan 2008)
Coke chicken (Lifestyle magazine)
Crispy yogurt chicken bites (Simply Her Feb 2008)
Duck and pineapple curry (Simply Her Jun 2008)
Fried chicken coated in fermented tofu (Women's Weekly magazine)
Har Cheong Kai (虾酱鸡) (Today newspaper)
Homemade Char Siew (Simply Her Aug 2006)
Minced pork with mushroom (Simply Her)
Mushroom with minced beef and cheese (Simply Her Aug 2007)
Peranakan chicken curry (Simply Her Aug 2008)
Samsui chicken (Simply Her Jan 2009)
Soya braised pork belly (Simply Her Mar 2009)
Spareribs curry (Lifestyle magazine)
Spicy chicken sticks (Simply Her Oct 2007)
Steamed mushroom custard (Simply Her Sep 2008)
Steamed tau kwa with minced chicken (Simply Her)
Sticky miso pork chop (Food and Travel magazine Feb 2007)
Stir-fried beef with spring onion (Simply Her Apr 2008)
Tau kwa kebab (Simply Her)
Tea-flavoured soy sauce eggs (茶叶蛋) (Today newspaper)
Teriyaki tau kwa burger (Simply Her)
Thai beef and potato curry (Simply Her Mar 2008)
Three cups chicken (三杯鸡) (Today newspaper)
Turkey green curry (Simply Her Dec 2006)
Wonder omelette (Simply Her Apr 2008)

Abalone with lemongrass and ginger sauce (Today newspaper)
Braised baby abalone with XO sauce (Today newspaper 31 Jan 2008)
Braised black mushrooms kai lan and abalone (Today newspaper 22 Jan 2009)
Coconut prawn with mango dip (Simply Her Aug 2007)
Crispy fish fillet with orange sauce (Simply Her Jul 2007)
Crispy vermicelli prawn wrap with thai spicy sauce (Simply Her Nov 2007)
Easy chilli mussels (Simply Her Mar 2007)
Fish & chips (Today newspaper 17 Apr 2008)
Fish curry (Simply Her Jul 2008)
Heh bee soft-shell crab (Women's Weekly magazine)
Locos with nuoc cham (Today newspaper 10 Jan 2008)
Miso clams (Simply Her Nov 2008)
Orange-glazed cod fillet (Simply Her Jan 2008)
Oyster omelette lite (Simply Her Mar 2007)
Pacific clams and broccoli stir-fry (Today newspaper 15 Jan 2009)
Pan-fried fillet of fish with tom yam sauce (Today newspaper)
Poached black bass (Simply Her Oct 2008)
Prawns in pineapple and assam gravy (Simply Her Mar 2007)
Prawns with ponzu and home-pickled ginger (Simply Her Oct 2008)
Prawns with tom yam sauce (Today newspaper)
Salmon Tofu with chilli bean sauce (Simply Her Mar 2007)
Seafood with white wine sauce (Today newspaper)
Spicy orange prawns (Today newspaper)
Steamed cod with ginger and spring onion sauce (Today newspaper 19 Feb 2009)
Steamed fish with ginger and spring onion sauce (Today newspaper 22 May 2008)
Steamed shrimp and tofu (Women's Weekly magazine)
Stir-fried asparagus with prawns and shimeiji mushrooms (Today newspaper 4 Sep 2008)
Stir-fried green papaya with prawns (Simply Her May 2007)
Stir-fried limpets with mushrooms and asparagus (Today newspaper 17 Jan 2008)
Sweet garlic prawns (Today newspaper)
Yogurt prawn curry (Simply Her Feb 2008)