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Baby abalone and seafood soup (Today newspaper 8 Jan 2009)
Bacon and sweet corn chowder (Simply Her Mar 2009)
Beef rendang stew (Simply Her May 2008)
Beef stew (Today newspaper)
Borscht soup (Simply Her Aug 2008)
Chicken and green papaya soup (Simply Her May 2007)
Chicken and hashima soup (Simply Her Aug 2006)
Chicken stew with celery and apple (Today newspaper)
Chicken stew with tomato and chilli (Streats newspaper)
Clams and bittergourd soup (Simply Her Nov 2008)
Corn chicken noodle soup (Simply Her Jul 2007)
Double consomme with stuffed fish maw (Today newspaper)
Dried scallop & winter melon soup (Simply Her Aug 2006)
Eggs poached with tomato and capsicum (Simply Her Apr 2007)
French onion soup (Simply Her Nov 2007)
Ginger carrot cream soup (Family magazine Feb 2007)
Golden seafood chowder (Today newspaper)
Irish stew (Simply Her Dec 2006)
Kampong chicken soup (Today newspaper)
Low fat kambing soup (Simply Her Oct 2006)
Minestrone pasta soup (Simply Her Nov 2007)
Mushroom soup (Today newspaper 18 Sep 2008)
Peanut soup with chicken feet (Today newspaper)
Pumpkin beef stew (Simply Her Jul 2007)
Pumpkin soup (Today newspaper)
Radish and fish soup (Lifestyle magazine)
Spinach lontong (Simply Her Nov 2007)
Supreme miso soup (Simply Her Feb 2008)
Thai beef noodle soup (Simply Her Mar 2009)
Vichyssoise (chilled leek and potato soup) (Simply Her Mar 2008)
Warm tomato and basil soup with breadsticks (Simply Her Dec 2007)
Watercress and pork soup (Simply Her Aug 2006)
Watermelon skin and pork ribs soup (Simply Her Dec 2007)
White miso soup with carrot and daikon (Food and Travel magazine Feb 2007)